DJ is a tall, sweet-tempered Jamaican-Canadian boy. He never auditioned for TDI, but he was seen doing super human strength. He figured that the money would really help his mother fulfill her dream of going back to Jamaica. He is afraid of water, ever since his incident at his local swimming pool, in which his brothers dared him to dive off the highest diving board or they would call him "Chicken". DJ dove off the diving board, bottom first landing in the water. His swimming trunks went so far up his butt that he required hospitalization. This splash became known as the "wedgie flop".DJ's best friend at the island is Geoff. DJ also has a pet rabbit that he found in the camp out challenge named Bunny, but Bunny dies when a snake swallows him then and eagle takes the snake and the eagle and the snake with Bunny are eaten by a shark. Later in the episode Duncan finds DJ a new bunny. Courtney sees Duncan luring the bunny to DJ by tying a carrot on a stick and dragging on the ground until eventually he picks up the bunny and brings him to the sad DJ during the blind toboggan race when DJ takes of his blindfold and loses the challenge for breaking the rules. DJ is once again the happiest guy on earth now that he is reunited with a bunny pal to cheer him up once again. When DJ finds out he is to skydive from a plane 5 thousand feet in the air with Chris as the pilot. He's kind of shaky but he's going to do it. DJ jumps out of the plane and he pulls the cords in the wrong order but luckily, he landed on the couch really hard and making the couch folds up. DJ got voted off because he kept on screaming like a girl after seeing Heather's facial mask (and not Chef's as planned).


Name: DJ

Age: 16

Biggest Fear: Snakes, Heights, Water

TDI Crush: Unknown

Voted Off: 16

Played By: Clé Bennett