Courtney is a bossy girl who feels the need to be in charge because she has leadership training. Courtney joined the show because she thinks it is a good way to see if she will succeed in real life and is a strong figure of authority upon her team. Courtney can play the violin. She is someone that you don't want to have on your bad side because when she says that you are going down she means it. When Duncan insists that she likes him, she rants for hours in the confessional about not liking him until the point where she is told to give Leshawna a turn.

In the episode where contestants are faced with their worst fears, Courtney holds Duncan's hand reassuringly before Duncan faces his fear. Courtney ended up being voted off because Harold wanted revenge on Duncan for Duncan's pranks on him, so after seeing Courtney and Duncan kiss; he swapped the votes in the box and put Courtney's name in it to get her out. In the end, Duncan gives Courtney a skull to remember him by. She hunts down Harold because he got her voted off.


Name: Courtney

Age: 16

Biggest Fear: Green Jell-O (It looks like jiggly mucus)

TDI Crush: Duncan

Voted Off: 11

Played By: Emilie-Claire Barlow