Bridgette is a kind girl, a poetic build and a laidback soul. She is blond and a compassionate environmentalist, with a knack for surfing. She is not very coordinated on land, and she made her team pay the price on multiple accounts. (Ex. breaking Courtney's violin, and setting the team tent ablaze) She is more graceful out on the sea. Bridgette has a talent of doing a hand stand for 20 minutes. Bridgette is friends with Courtney, Gwen, and Leshawna. She is a vegetarian.

Bridgette was voted off thanks to the boys making an alliance and voting her off because  her athletic ability was the best of the girls remaining, But Geoff refuses to vote her off. Geoff takes her elimination really hard. Even though she was one of Gwen's best friends she goes on Owens side when he says he'll throw an awesome party on a yacht if he wins.


Name: Bridgette

Age: 16

Biggest Fear: Being left alone in the woods

TDI Crush: Geoff

Voted Off: 15

Played By: Kristin Fairlie